Mixing MRP & AKAN paints

Mixing MRP & AKAN paints

Building these days GasPatch Models' Henschel Hs123, we were at the need of RLM 61, 62 and 63. The RLM62 was found easily from Modelmaster, but the other two were not a good match. So we decided to give MrPaint (MRP) lacquers a try! They spray very nicely without thinning!

Having bought only the two colors needed, we thought to try mixing them with Akan's lacquers (also named Acrylic Enamels), in this case No. 68070 White, and if they reacted ok, we would use them for fading!

On the wing behind the bottles (photo above) you can see the results: not only did they mix perfectly, but also no thinner was used, as the MRPs are already very thin. Having those two brands on your bench, try and mix them without any fear! More details about the Hs123 build soon - so stay tuned here!

We ordered our MRP paints here and AKAN here.

Dimitris Siolos