The Hawker Sea Fury, Airframe Album No.2 (Valiant Wings)

Valiant Wings' Airframe Album No 2, "The Hawker Sea Fury", 2nd edition - revised and updated, is going to press. Attached are some sample images of the superb model builds of the Airfix FB.11 and AMG T.20 kits by Steve Evans which will be of interest to readers/modellers!

New Contents:

  • Builds of the AMG 1/48th T.20 and new tool Airfix 1/48th FB Mk 11 kits by Steve Evans
  • Updated information on preserved examples
  • Updated appendices for kits, accessories and decals
  • 116 pages

Plus all the original content of the first edition:

  • Period diagrams
  • Data from flight manuals and spare parts catalogue
  • Walkaround images of preserved examples
  • Pictures before and during restoration of the restored TFC and airworthy FAA examples
  • Fully detailed 3D isometric views of prototype and production machines by Jacek Jackiewicz
  • Colour profiles and concise camouflage detail by Richard Caruana  

You can pre-order it here.