Scale ModelWorld 2018, Oeffag Mickl Flying Boat 1/48 (Part 3)

Oeffag Mickl G-6, austrian reconnaisance Flying Boat of the First World War, entirely scratch built by George Tenediotis in 1/48 scale.

The Oeffag G was a relatively large flying boat, following the design practices used for the smaller Lohner flying boats developed in Austria contemporaneously. The aircraft was a biplane with the wings mounted above a slender all-wood monocoque fuselage/hull, with the biplane tail unit mounted above the extreme tail end of the fuselage. The three pusher engines were mounted in open nacelles, supported by struts, between the main-planes. Early aircraft were armed with a large 66 mm (2.60 in) D/20 cannon in the front cockpit and later machines had a machine gun fitted on a flexible mount aft of the wings. Most of the ten aircraft completed saw service with the K.u.K. Seefliegerkorps, from 1916, operating principally from the Pola Naval station, (now Pula), on the Istria peninsula, in what is now Croatia.

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