Wingspan Volume I (Canfora Press)

Wingspan Volume I (Canfora Press)

This exciting new series of books, from Swedish company Canfora Press, is dedicated entirely to the increasingly popular 1:32 aircraft scale. The landscape format (21cm height X 29 cm width) and large photos give us the opportunity to explore the models closely, and to truly appreciate the level of detail achievable in this scale. Full-page close-ups and overall views are combined with step-by-step instructions to depict each model to its full potential. Each model can be studied down to the last rivet, and serve as inspiration and guideline for our own future 1:32 scale builds.

Canfora Publishing has already several books about AFV modelling and dioramas.

This book is a collection of several buildings of scale aircraft, with 10 properly completed models.

The text is fluid, easy to read with much information between the pages. All models are inspiring, with the precise purpose: to inspire and motivate the modeler! The book is lavishly produced in soft-cover landscape format, with some excellent model photography, reproduced on 128 glossy pages.

The models featured in this book are mainly chosen from the “stars” of the 32nd scale, made by a variety of different modellers with alternate styles. Eras of aircraft shown range from the early World War One aircraft, through to World War Two fighters and bombers, then through to the early jet age. This book is as diverse in its choices as many people’s tastes. Each model is made to a top standard that you might see in the best modelling magazines and books. The layout is very nice and the format is a text story with a photo gallery and then four or more “Step By Step” pages within each build.

It's structured around nine build articles (10 counting the double Fokker kits):

Nakajima K-84 Hayate

(Hasegawa) by Jan Kopecký

Vought F4U-1 Corsair

(Tamiya) by Toni Canfora

Messerschmitt 163 Komet

(Meng) Mats Johansson

Supermarine Spitfire Mk.VIII

(Tamiya) Anders Isaksson

Messerschmitt Bf 109

(Eduard) Jan Abrahamsson

North American B-25 Mitchell

(HK Models) Jan Kopecký

Fokker DVII

(Wingnut Wings)  Mikael Terfors

Gloster Meteor F.4

(HK Models) Toni Canfora

Messerschmitt Bf 110C-1

(Dragon) Stepan Lasek

(Note that the Dragon Bf 110C kit is misidentified as an Eduard kit in the book's table of contents).

All features have a small side table, with the following main information:  the model kit used, the aftermarkets, and paints brands.

Also every single work has a color label to identify all articles in order to help for a quick search. Several techniques are presented throughout the several builds. Every single work is top quality, the best you can see in this scale in the best shows or magazines worldwide.

The build articles themselves are not designed to be extensive how-to instructional pieces, though there are still plenty of hints, tips and ideas on offer. This is reinforced by the luxurious production used throughout, making it feel like a book you will want to keep it handy for frequent reference. Simple in concept and flawless in execution. It is designed as an inspirational showcase, rather than a teaching tool, and in this regard is extremely successful.

It is really hard to find something you do not like about this lovely book with great content. All models are high quality, professionally built and photographed. We recommend it to, not just only large scale modellers, but all aircraft fans.

As the book's title suggests, this is the first in a planned series, with Volume 2 already underway. It really will be worth waiting for…

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