F-5E/N, AFV Club 1/48

F-5E/N, AFV Club 1/48
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For this build I used AFV Club F-5E/F-5N kit (AR 48101) and Aires’ cockpit detail set.

After the basic build was finished, I prepared the model for painting. I washed it with soap water to remove any grease from my hands and dust residues.

The first stage started by spraying Mig Ammo’s primer in light coats. I mixed the grey and white primer for a lighter grey primer shade. Using primers we can detect any flaws on our models and prepare the surface for the paint.














The next stage is to give some shadow effect in the upper and low surfaces using the preshade technique. I used Mig Ammo’s Rubber and Tire black to do that.














The painting began painting the lower surfaces and cammo in the upper surfaces (1st color) of the model using Mr Hobby’s  H85 sail color. The various shades and highlights came from using the basic color with some drops of Tamiya’s XF-2 flat white.














After the first color was dried, I masked the first color’s cammo areas and lower surfaces with blu-tak and tape and proceeded to the painting of the other 2 colors.














For the upper surfaces and the other 2 colors of the cammo pattern I used Mr Hobby’s/Tamiya  colors in various mixings and ratios. For the lighter color (very light brown) I used XF-52 flat earth as the basic color and added some drops of XF-2 flat white and  XF-7 flat red. The ratio is approximately 10/6/1. For highlighting the color I added some drops of Tamiya’s XF-2 flat white.

For the brown color I used Mr Hobby’s H310  brown with some drops of XF-64 red brown to darken it. You can use H27 tan or add some drops of XF2 flat white to highlight the areas. The radome was painted using Mig Ammo’s flat black and the dorsal fin’s white area with Mig Ammo’s flat white.













Then I proceeded to the metallic areas of the model. First I sprayed the Mig Ammo/Aclad Black Base Primer. It’s an excellent primer but you have to give it some days to dry before spraying metal colors, in order to avoid leaving fingerprints and destroy your effort. After the primer was dried, I sprayed Mig Ammo/Alclad’s Aluminium. For the engine nozzles I used a mix of aluminium/dark aluminium in a 4/1 ratio. Then I weathered the areas using  Tamiya’s weathering Set F.













After the paint job was finished I gave the whole model multiple coats of clear gloss varnish from Ammo range. Then I took a break to fix the landing gear. After the black primer was applied and dried, I sprayed the whole system by using Mig Ammo/Alclad’s Aluminium and polished aluminium for the suspensions. The wheels were sprayed with Alclad aluminium and Mig Ammo Rubber black. Then I weathered the landing gear using Mig ammo PLW Black night wash.













After placing decals to the whole model, weathering stage began using PLW Deep Brown for the whole cammo areas. Give it 2 hours to dry and then remove the excess with a cotton bud and some thinners. Next stage was to enhance some panel lines and area’s in both upper and lower surfaces. For that reason I used Mig Ammo’s Panel Line Washes. A light brown and Yellow ochre were my 2 PLW’s of choice to give some effects and offer realism to the model. I used them like oils and not like panel line washes. Brown was used to the 2 brown color of the cammo and Yellow ochre for the sand. For the wheel wells I used Mig Ammo’s oil stains/grease and PLW Black night. Finally I sprayed the model with a satin varnish from Ammo in a 50/50 mix with Ammo’s acrylic thinners. Give it at least 24 hours to dry before touch it.












For the FODs I used DEFmodels resin parts. It’s a high quality set and gives nice result if you treat it with caution. For the engine’s nozzles FODs I used Milliput epoxy putty. I sprayed them with Mig Ammo white primer (photo) and then painted with Tamiya’s XF-7 flat red. Then I sprayed with a satin varnish from Ammo and the result is pretty convincing. The tank was painted in grey tones. First I sprayed it with white primer (photo).














Then I applied preshading using tire & rubber color from Mig ammo.















After that I sprayed it with compass ghost grey from ammo and gave it a dark filter with medium gunship grey from ammo range. Last step was to give it some highlights and worn areas using a mix of ghost grey and white and an overall filter of a light ghost grey. Then I gave it a wash to blend it all and a satin varnish. 














For the formation lights I used Mig Ammo’s crystal red and blue.















The model is now completed! You can see the full step-by-step build by clicking at the photogallery.


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